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Lec here, living ‘up a mountain’ at Los Corrales.  It’s a finca, but just like most fincas it earns zero euros.  So, much time is spent living rather frugally, but very happily here.

There’s me and BigD, the humans, plus three dogs which are way too large, a cat who’s just way to here and a few hens just to keep us all fed.

We ‘sort of’ farm the olives, and some years we sell the almonds too, but that really is pointless, much better to see if you can eat the crop instead.   Who knew how much effort goes into hand picking, drying and de-husking almonds for them to worth so very little?

Luckily the huerto keeps us in good green stuff year round, and the orchard will one day keep us stocked up on fruit too… well maybe.


Anyway, I enjoy a good blog now and again, so perhaps you’ll pop back?


Posted July 31, 2009 by Bill

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  1. This is the first photo I’ve seen of your finca. It’s bigger than ours I reckon, because you’ve got an upstairs, and I love those doors!

  2. It’s small but we like it! Doors look better than they are – warping terribly, need to put them on the other way so they open inwards and get less of a battering from the weather! I’m sure we’ll get round to it one day!

    I like your id photo – very pretty!

  3. thanks for posting a comment on our blog … means i have discovered yours 🙂

  4. Lovely rustic finca in a beautiful setting. Have enjoyed seeing a bit of your blog and am going to bookmark and catch up with you another time.

    It’s always interesting to read how life is for folk living in other parts of Spain, i.e. Jan near you in the north and Diane on the Majorca. Colin and Carol at Mediterranean Gardening are up your way too.

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